Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we make Passes for every country in the world. If you don’t see it on the dropdown menu, don’t worry, it’s because we probably haven’t created one yet for that country, but I will gladly do so

My turnaround time is quick and if you have everything to me the same day, I can have it in the mail first thing the next morning (except for Sundays and US Holidays). As for how long it will get to you depends on where you live and what shipping style you select at checkout. As a point of reference, we are in Jupiter, Florida, U.S.A
This is something I don’t like to hear but unfortunately it does happen. At this point, you should contact the shipping company you have selected first and try to locate your order. I am not able to do much once it leaves my shop and has been mailed out. Of course, if there is a major issue, please do contact me and we will figure something out
We sell 2 types of Passes. The regular Pass is US $25 and the PLUS+ is US $30

The difference between the Passes is the regular Pass comes with the main page with the photo printed only – the main information includes:

Surname (Last name):

Given name(s):




Date of Birth:

Place of Birth (City, State):

Is this a Service Animal? If so, please describe:

Don’t forget to attach a High Resolution, UN-Cropped color photo.

The PLUS+ has the above page printed along with 2 following pages:

About Pet Page



Microchip #, Location of chip implant and Provider:

Service Animal:



Identification Marks:

Other Information Page

Owner’s name and contact Information:

Emergency contact:

Veterinarian’s name and contact info:

Breeder & Pedigree Name:

Adoption location:

Pet Insurance Company:

Both Passes have 28 pages and have the same interior pages.

Unfortunately, when we made our last print bulk printing for the covers, the supply chain lacked the red cover stock and I was not able to get it however, the next time we do so, I will have it available however, this will not happen anytime soon. Estimated around end of 2024.
Although we have been working on them, they are not done yet however, Europe (Main Europe) will be the next set of stickers. I will certainly keep you all updated on this through social media.
Yes, we do. Please contact me for more details.
Yes, it’s possible. Be sure to have either a vector or high resolution png file of your logo (without background) and we can play around with where on the page would be best placed.
Although some countries have restrictions, we do ship internationally.
Because all the passes are customized, all sales are final however, if you should have any issue with your order, please reach out. My goal is for you to love The Pet Pass.
I would love to say yes however, one of the reasons why I send out proofs first is so you can make sure all the information is correct. Once you have approved it tells me I can print. I will probably have your order’s information so I can re-print but unfortunately you will need to make another order for this.
When I designed The Pet Pass, I wanted to make sure it was the same size as our own passports 3.5×5 inches. This way, if and when you travel, The Pet Pass can be placed in the same holder as your own passport.

Yes. I wanted them to look as much like a stamp as I could.